June 5th 1901

A vote of thanks was given to Bro Evans for his gift of ‘G’ to the Lodge.

October 2nd 1901

W Bro R Fielders WM gave a talk on his attendance at Grand Lodge on the Installation of His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught as Grand Master.

February 5th 1902

There was an application from Bro S Blower, Tyler for an increase in pay “owing to additional work”.  His salary was subsequently increased from 30/- to 45/- per annum.

April 2nd 1902

The annual subscription to the Warwickshire Benevolent and Pupils Aid Fund was increased from £3.10.0 to £5.

October 1st 1902

W Bros Fielders and Mears reported attending Provincial Grand Lodge at Sutton Coldfield on the 29th September 1902, where the address to Lord Leigh, Provincial Grand Master, on the occasion of his Jubilee as Provincial Grand Master was given by the Right Honourable The Earl of Warwick, Deputy Grand Master.  They were also impressed by the “admirable address given by our own WM Bro Rev Bowers in his capacity as Provincial Grand Chaplain in Sutton Coldfield Church.”

January 7th 1903

A letter was read from Grand Lodge relating to the Licensing Act 1902.  Up to this time it had been the custom to serve alcoholic drinks in the Lodge Room when Calling-Off during Installation Ceremonies.  After some discussion, “it was decided to comply with the Act.”

December 2nd 1903

The annual subscription to the Warwickshire Benevolent and Pupils Aid Fund was again increased, this time from £5.5.0 to £7.7.0.

September 7th 1904

W Bro Fielders reported on attending the ceremony of laying the foundation stone by the Provincial Grand Master of St Peter’s Church, Maney, Sutton Coldfield.

November 5th 1905

It was agreed to purchase three chairs for the WM and wardens at a total cost of £12.5.9.

April 4th 1906

Ten guineas was sent to the Royal Masonic Institute for Boys.

January 2nd 1907

Jewels were presented to W Bro Hatton and W Bro Mears for long service as Treasurer and Charity Steward of the Lodge respectively.

February 6th 1907

It was agreed that a collection be made at each Lodge, except the Installation, to provide a fund for the Almoner.

March 6th 1907

Masonic Rooms at The Co-op, Long Street, Atherstone 1907It was decided to have the Lodge warrant enclosed in a suitable frame “for the better preservation of it.” This was not proceeded with.

The Secretary’s attention was drawn to the very dirty and untidy state of the room when the Tyler came to prepare it for Lodge.  He was directed to look into the Terms of Tenancy and if necessary, complain to the management of the Co-operative Society.


October 2nd 1907

The Tyler again complained of the state of the Lodge Room.  He and the WM had interviewed the Manager of the Co-operative Society who promised it would be in readiness in future.

November 6th 1907

The Tyler was insured against accidents.

September 2nd 1908

It was announced that PGL was to be held on September 28th and the Entertaining Lodges were to be Athelstan 1333 and Holte 1246.  The cost borne by the Lodge was £5.4.6.

March 2nd 1910

A collection of £2.12.6 was sent to W Bro G Beech DPGM for the Jubilee Presentation Fund.

April 6th 1910

A lecture given by W Bro Swinden PG Sec.

November 2nd 1910

A letter was read from the Co-operative Society agreeing to let the Lodge Rooms at an annual rent of £11.

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