March 5th 1913

W Bro Fielders WM presented a new scroll bearing names of Masters for each year.

October 1st 1913

Having completed 46 years as Tyler, Bro Blower was appointed PPG Tyler at Provincial Grand Lodge.  The news of this was received by the Members in Lodge with great enthusiasm and it was agreed to ask the Members to subscribe and present Bro Blower with Provincial Grand Lodge Clothing.  The presentation was on November 5th 1913 and the WM referred to Bro Blower as being “highly esteemed for his long and faithful service.” As there was a surplus on the collection for his regalia it was agreed to purchase a jewel for him from the Lodge.

April 1st 1914

The regard the Members of the Lodge had for the Vero family is shown by the fact that on the occasion of the death of W Bro Vero’s mother it was reported in the Minutes: “Owing to the sad circumstances under which we met, no further business was transacted.”

August 25th 1914

On the occasion of the European War an Emergency Meeting was held and an appeal made to raise funds for National Relief.  As no Lodge funds were in hand, Members were asked for subscriptions and £21 was collected and sent.

December 16th 1914

A special Meeting was held at 8.30 pm to discuss arrangements for the forthcoming Installation.  It was agreed that in harmony with other Institutions and Societies in the Town, no banquet was to be held at the Installation.  The WM Elect regretted being unable to entertain the Members and he hoped that he might have: “an opportunity when the War clouds lifted and the condition of the country was happier.” A letter was read from Bro Williams Fisher, Chaplain, deprecating the abandonment of the usual banquet but saying that he would accept the decision.

January 6th 1915

A letter of thanks was sent to Mrs Robinson, Caterer, for: “the great care she had taken of the property of the Lodge and the extremely able way she had catered for the Lodge for many years.”

The Meeting due to be held on February 3rd 1915 was cancelled because the rooms were to be taken over by military authorities.

November 5th 1915

A letter was read from W Bro Beech PGM asking for a collection for a char-a-banc for transporting wounded soldiers.  The Athelstan Lodge contributed £9.10.0 and the char-a-banc/ambulance was presented by the Warwickshire Brethren on February 2nd 1916.

October 4th 1916

The difficulties of holding Meetings during the War are self-evident from the Minutes and Meetings were often cancelled.  The average attendance was approximately 12.  This night, however, the tragedy of war was only too apparent.  It was reported that the son of the WM (Bro Herring) had been killed in action and also that Bro Power’s son had been killed in France.  The death of the eldest son of W Bro Mears, killed in action, was referred to at the Meeting on December 6th.  Bro Herring was taken ill soon after his son was killed and did not attend Lodge again.  He died in January 1918.

October 3rd 1918

It was reported that Bro CE Ison’s son had been killed in action.

January 2nd 1918

Bro R Mears was elected an Honorary Member for life.

May 1st 1918

A busy evening was held this night.  Bro Owen was Raised to the Third Degree and Bro Dowlman and Bro Ewart were both Initiated.

November 4th 1918

Emergency Meeting.  Bro Thurlow commented on the: “unwarrantable noise” from machinery below the Lodge Room.  A change of headquarters for the Lodge was discussed.

March 6th 1919

Bro Williams Fisher gave a lecture on ‘Hebrew Characters’.

April 1st 1920

The War now being over, much new life and energy was put into the Lodge affairs.  It was agreed to return to the Town Hall for Meetings.  The initiation fee was raised to ten guineas and the joining fee to three guineas and the Lodge funds put on a better basis.  There were many new candidates for Initiation and three Ceremonies in one night was not unusual.  On May 6th, Bro Harding was passed to the Second Degree and Bro Hargrave and Bro HE Vero were Initiated.

October 7th 1920

On this occasion WM Bro HR Fisher conducted all three Ceremonies himself.  Bro MacFarlane was Initiated, Bro Hargrave – Passed and Bro Harding – Raised.

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