January 6th 1921

Jubilee Year.  Dr Power was Installed as WM.  The Right Worshipful Provincial GM, who was present, congratulated Bro Blower on completing his 50 years as Tyler.  He was presented with a silver tea and coffee service with a salver, all suitably engraved; also a jewel and a Wallet of Treasury Notes.  It was said he had only missed one evening’s Meeting in the 50 years.

January 4th 1923

After his Installation as WM, Bro Rigby had the summons altered to read: “By the desire of the WM” The following year when he was in the chair Bro Wanless had it altered back to: “By command of the WM”.

April 5th 1923

Initiation of Bro Harry Sale aged 36.  At the Centenary W Bro Sale was the Lodge’s Senior Past Master.

December 4th 1924

W Bro Orton was made an Honorary Member.

October 1st 1925

A donation of twenty five guineas was made to the Masonic Temple Fund.

October 2nd 1926

It was reported that Bro Blower, Tyler, was ill and unable to attend Lodge.  This was only his second absence in 55 years.

December 2nd 1926

Bro CE Ison read the account of the formation and consecration of the Lodge in 1870.

May 5th 1927 

A grant was petitioned to aid the education of the son of W Bro Fielders.

January 5th 1928

The PGM, Col Wyley, was present at the Installation of Bro Dowlman.

January 3rd 1929

At the Installation of Bro WE Ison an anthem ‘Be Ye Faithful Unto Death’ was sung by Bro J Briggs and repeated for many Installations following.

February 7th 1929

The death was reported in Lodge of W Bro Charles Orton who was the eldest PM of the Lodge.  He was Initiated in 1878 and was WM in 1885.

May 2nd 1929

Bro Perkins, WM of Abbey 432, gave an address in Lodge on Masonic History.

W Bro OC Vero obtained from Board of Benevolence a grant of £10.10.0 for Bro Blower, Tyler.

On the occasion of his resignation from the Lodge, W Bro Power was made an Honorary Member.

October 3rd 1929

It was reported in Lodge that the death had occurred, on June 27th of Bro Samuel Blower, PPG Tyler, aged 80, and Tyler of the Lodge since 1871.  He was given a lengthy obituary by ‘The Atherstone News’ which stated he was believed to be the longest serving and oldest Tyler in the country.

October 3rd 1929

Bro HD Worman presented a portrait in oils of W Bro Frank Pogmore who was WM in 1882 and was killed in the Baddesley Colliery disaster.  This portrait, which was very badly damaged was expertly restored by Bro JC Lock in 1970.

April 3rd 1930

Ten guineas was donated towards the testimonial oil painting of Col Wigley PGM.  An advertisement was received from the Provincial Grand Secretary for a play ‘Death of a Widow’s Son’ to be held in Birmingham.  Master Masons only could attend.

May 4th 1930

W Bro OC Vero gave a lecture following his tour to Jerusalem with particular reference to King Solomon’s Temple.  He presented the WM with a Square made of olive wood from the Mount of Olives.

October 2nd 1930

W Bro Perkins PM 432 gave a talk on ‘Ancient Freemasonry’.

December 4th 1930

A discussion was held concerning the altering of the date of Installation to December instead of January in future, due to the inconvenience to bankers.  This was proposed in February 1931 and agreed by the Lodge.

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