February 5th 1931

Bro KAR Gardner of Commercial Travellers Lodge No 3700 Newcastle on Tyne, was elected an Honorary Member of the Lodge as a compliment to his father W Bro J Gardner, the eldest PM of the Lodge, a Member since 1884 and WM in 1888.

March 3rd 1932

£5 was sent for furnishing a Lodge Room in the Masonic Peace Memorial Temple in London.  The Provincial Grand Master had asked for £10 from the Lodge.

May 4th 1933

A letter was read from the Clerk to the Atherstone Parish Council requesting a deputation from the Lodge to discuss proposed alterations to the Town Hall.

October 5th 1933

A letter was written to the Market Rights and Tolls Committee expressing satisfaction at the reconstruction and renovation of rooms in the Town Hall.

February 1st 1934

The death was reported in Lodge of W Bro JW Briggs who had been Treasurer for 20 years.

February 7th 1935

W Bro OC Vero proposed that twenty five guineas was sent to the ‘Girls Festival’.

April 2nd 1936

The Centenary of Abbey Lodge 432 was referred to at which the WM and Wardens were present.

February 4th 1937

The WM (Bro GE Austin) and Bro Lockett gave the Fifth Section of the First Lecture.

March 4th 1937

A further payment was made of £2.2.0 to the Masonic Million Memorial Fund.

February 3rd 1938

The Second Section of the Second Lecture was given by Bro Essam.

April 7th 1938

W Bro J Smith of Tutbury Castle Lodge No 2630 read a paper on ‘King Solomon’s Temple’.

May 5th 1938   Bro RG Stafford gave the Third Section of the Second Lecture.

W Bro OC Vero reported that he had sent forty guineas to the Boys’ School thus completing 1,000 guineas that he had sent to Masonic charities during his period of office as Almoner to the Lodge.  In thanking him the WM (Bro J Briggs) thanked him for his hard work and ability.

February 2nd 1939

The Reading Pedestal for the Secretary’s Table was presented to the Lodge by the WM (Bro HD Holmes).

April 6th 1939

W Bro W Perkins of Abbey Lodge 432 read a paper entitled ‘A Masonic Book Stall’.

October 26th 1939

The death was reported of the WM Bro HD Holmes.  Many Brethren paid tribute to his memory.  The WM was 39 years old at the time of his death.

War having been declared in September, the Town Hall was requisitioned and Lodge Meetings were held throughout the War at the Market Rooms of the Three Tuns Hotel.

February 22nd 1940

Mr ABT Vero, aged 23, was balloted for Initiation but being unavoidably absent on War Service, his Initiation was postponed until a later date.  In fact he was Initiated in 1949.

March 28th 1940

Bro W Essam gave the Fourth Section of the Second Lecture.

September 26th 1940

After the Minutes of the previous Meeting had been read, the Air Raid Alarm sounded, and although several Members had to leave for ARP duties, it was decided to proceed with the business of the Lodge which was to have been the Raising of Bro DO Vero or the Initiation of Mr ABT Vero, both of whom were absent.  On the second Rising the WM read a letter he had received from the Provincial Grand Master relative to the holding of Meetings under wartime conditions, and in which it was made clear that the usual Lodge Meetings should be held whenever possible.

October 17th 1940

Ceremonies were few owing to Brethren being away on War Service and the opportunity of having a lecture was often taken.

On this night Bro W Essam gave the Second Section of the Second Lecture.

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