October 9th 1941

W Bro E Alderson, Chaplain, gave a lecture; the subject being the symbolism of ‘Remember now thy Creator’.

October 8th 1942

A sum of £15.15.0 was given from the Lodge funds to the Warwickshire Masonic War Emergency Fund.

January 14th 1943

W Bro E Alderson gave a lecture on ‘Masonic Symbolism’.

February 11th 1943

W Bro Gow and Bro Essam gave a lecture in the form of question and answer, dealing with Masonic customs, symbols and rituals.

May 6th 1943

£3.3.0 was sent to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

October 7th 1943

It was reported in correspondence with the Provincial Grand Secretary that Patrick Doyle Holmes, son of the late W Bro Holmes had been successful in his application to be admitted to the Masonic Boys’ School at Bushey.

March 9th 1944

£5.5.0 was sent from the Almoner’s Fund to the Royal Masonic Hospital.

May 4th 1944

Amongst the visitors were five American Brethren, Members of the US Army.

October 3rd 1946

Bro W Essam, Junior Warden, gave the Second Section of the Second Lecture.

November 7th 1946

W Bro E Alderson gave a lecture on ‘The Philosophy of Masonry’.

October 2nd 1947

The Secretary read a letter from W Bro WL Tippetts who was Master of the Lodge in 1906.  Bro Tippetts, aged 89, and a resident in Australia, sent greetings to the Brethren.  The Secretary was asked to reply to Bro Tippetts and thank him for his gift of a box of Australian fruit.

December 4th 1947

At the Installation Meeting W Bro D Mitchell visited the Lodge for the first time in an official capacity, representing Provincial Grand Lodge in his rank of PJGW.

March 4th 1948

Bro JC Davis gave the Fourth Section of the Second Lecture.

April 1st 1948

It was reported that the late W Bro WE Ison had left, in his Will, £200 to be set aside as a nucleus towards providing Lodge premises.

December 2nd 1948

The Secretary reported receiving from Bro AA Sanders, a new set of three very handsome Tracing Boards.

January 6th 1949

Bro AA Sanders gave the Seventh Section of the First Lecture.

March 3rd 1949

A donation of £7.5.0 was made towards a silver wedding testimonial fund for W Bro S Guise, Provincial Grand Secretary.

April 7th 1949

Bro H Salt, a Member of the Royal Athelstan Lodge No 19 in the City of London, presented to the WM a letter of greeting from the Master, Wardens and Brethren of his Lodge.  The WM (Bro H Lockett) thanked Bro Salt and asked him to convey to the Brethren of his very old Lodge the best wishes of the Athelstan Brethren.

October 5th 1950

A visitor, Bro R Stuart, who was Initiated into the Zetland Lodge of Alexandria in 1945, with the approval of his own Lodge and with the knowledge and approval of Grand Lodge, was Passed to the Second Degree.

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