March 6th 1952

The death was reported of the WM Bro AA Sanders.  W Bro AH Crowson, IPM, acted as WM until the next Installation.

October 2nd 1952

£250 was given to the Lodge by Mrs Sanders to be used for something in memory of her son, the late WM.

October 7th 1953

During summer all the Lodge furniture was renovated under the supervision of W Bro FH Hiscock.  The cost of this was met by the £250 left to the Lodge by Bro AA Sanders.

January 5th 1956

After the Ceremony (Passing of Bro Lowe) 34 wives and daughters of Members joined the Lodge at the Supper Table, in the Town Hall.

February 3rd 1955

Visit of Rt Wor PGM, Rev Michael Clarke.

October 4th 1956

£5.5.0 was subscribed to a presentation fund for W Bro Guise on his retirement as Provincial Grand Secretary.

November 5th 1959

The sudden death, following an operation, of the WM, Bro JA Matheson, was reported.  W Bro FC Marriott, IPM, acted as WM until the next Installation.

March 3rd 1960

W Bro W Essam gave the Second Section of the Second Lecture which he had also done 19 years previously and on many other occasions.

October 6th 1960

W Bro E Alderson gave a lecture on that portion from Ecclesiastes which as Chaplain he had often delivered in Lodge so effectively.

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