1961 – 1970

November 2nd 1961

Bro JD Austin gave a lecture on ‘The Masonic Apron’.

February 1st 1962

Fifty guineas was sent to the Rt Worshipful Grand Master’s 1965 Festival Fund and ten guineas to the Deputy Grand Master’s Coventry Cathedral Stained Glass Window Fund.

March 1st 1962

Lodge met at W Bro FH Hiscock’s house, Mancetter House, and regularly there until October, the Town Hall having been demolished.

October 4th 1962

First Meeting of the Lodge at the Atherstone and District War Memorial Hall.  The First Section of the Sixth Lecture was given by W Bro FC Marriott, Bros TG Smith, AJ Coley and JC Lock.

November 1st 1962

The Lodge subscription was increased to £4.4.0.

November 7th 1963

Bro JD Austin gave the Consecration Address as delivered by the Provincial Grand Chaplain in 1870.

February 6th 1964

Bro JC Lock presented an antique Tyler’s Sword to the Lodge which is approximately 150 years old and beautifully engraved with Masonic Emblems.

March 4th 1964

The WM reported that W Bro GE Austin had been informed by the Grand Secretary that he was to be appointed PAGStdB on April 29th.  The WM spoke of W Bro Austin’s work for the Lodge over many years, and that he was the first Member to receive Grand Rank in the Lodge’s history.

Ten guineas was sent to the Provincial Grand Master’s personal list for the 1965 Festival.  Fifteen guineas was contributed to the car which was presented to the Rev Michael Clarke on his retirement from the office of Provincial Grand Master.

December 3rd 1964

Visit of Rt Wor Bro Rev Michael Clarke, Prov GM, at the Installation Ceremony (Bro E Hill).

November 4th 1965

Bro JD Austin gave a lecture on ‘The Ancestry of Freemasonry’.

April 7th 1966

Instead of a Ceremony, the Lodge had the unusual experience of hearing all three Explanations of the Tracing Boards.  These were given by Bro BW Austin, Bro GE Bourne and Bro F Aspden.

December 1st 1966

Visit of Rt Wor Bro Sir Stanley J Harley, Prov GM, at the Installation Ceremony (Bro JD Austin).

October 5th 1967

The Secretary, W Bro GE Austin reported to the Lodge on the Investiture of HRH The Duke of Kent as Grand Master at the Albert Hall on June 27th.  He said that the WM, Bro JD Austin, and himself were privileged to be present together, representing the Lodge, on such a memorable occasion.

December 5th 1968

On the proposal of W Bro Briggs, a petition was signed by the WM and Wardens, for submission to the Rt Worshipful the Grand Master that a Lodge be formed at Coleshill, Coleshill Lodge No 8272.  The new Lodge was subsequently Consecrated on June 16th.

April 3rd 1969

£1,000 was promised for the New Masonic Temple Appeal.  The sum was to be raised by asking £15 from each Member.  W Bro E Corner was appointed Treasurer of the Fund.

May 1st 1969

W Bro FC Marriott, who the previous day had been Invested with Grand Lodge Rank, PAGDC, was congratulated by the WM and saluted by the Brethren.

October 2nd 1969

The death was reported of the eldest PM of the Lodge, W Bro HR Fisher at the age of 91.

December 4th 1969

At the Installation Ceremony Bro AJ Coley was Installed, being the 100th Master of the Athelstan Lodge.

May 7th 1970

Bro E Jarvis, of Etone Lodge, a frequent and always welcome visitor to Athelstan Lodge, presented to the WM three beautiful silver and gold plated Goblets, engraved ‘Athelstan Lodge Centenary 1970’, ‘Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden’.  In thanking Bro Jarvis for the generous gift, the WM mentioned the very handsome silver candelabra which had previously been presented by Bro Jarvis and which enhanced the supper table.

The Centenary Committee was appointed as follows: The WM, Bro AJ Coley, W Bros GE Austin, J Briggs, DO Vero, ABT Vero, E Corner, JD Austin and Bros C Jenkins and EG Stafford.

November 5th 1970

As the Centenary Meeting on November 25th approaches, the Lodge is saddened by the loss of two much beloved Past Masters, W Bro WEH Green who died in April and W Bro FH Hiscock in October.

November 25th 1970

Centenary Meeting.

 The Brethren met at the Memorial Hall, Polesworth at 3.45pm.

There were present the following Official Representatives of Provincial Grand Lodge: Rt W Bro Sir Stanley J Harley, Prov GM; Very Wor Bro David Mitchell, Deputy Prov G Master; W Bro WL Barrows, Asst Prov G Master; W Bro ABT Vero, Prov Grand SW; W Bro DC Westwood, Prov Grand JW; W Bro Revd EFS Wilmot, MA, Prov Grand Chaplain; W Bro JW Pendrill, Prov Grand Secy; W Bro TA Wood, Prov GDC; W Bro J Brodie-Brown, Prov Grand Swd Bearer; W Bro EH Bradley, Prov G Std Bearer; W Bro H Gregory, Prov G Std Bearer; together with 50 members of Athelstan Lodge and 106 visitors.

(A note in the margin of the Minute Book gives the Collection for Charity as £100.00.)

December 3rd 1970

At the Installation of Bro JC Nixon the representative of the Provincial Grand Master was, to the great delight of the Brethren, W Bro ABT Vero, Prov SW.

During the ceremony, W Bro J Briggs, DC, delivered into the hands of the WM the original Warrant, and for the first time, the Centenary Warrant.

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