March 5th 1981

The WM, W Bro PR Stickland referred to the sad loss suffered by the Lodge in the untimely death of W Bro R Read.

W Bro SF Lunn paid a fitting tribute to W Bro Read.  He was a Joining Member from Purcell Lodge No 4236 in 1967 and WM of Athelstan Lodge in 1979.

April 2nd 1981

The WM, W Bro PR Stickland, referred to the sad loss suffered by the Lodge by the death of W Bro FW Wilkinson.

W Bro GE Austin paid tribute to his memory.  He was our oldest Past Master, being 94 when he died.  He was initiated into this Lodge in 1924 and was WM in 1935.  He was a very sincere Mason and in every respect a remarkable man.  Until very recently he drove from Evesham to Lodge Meetings.

October 1st 1981

During the ceremony raising Bro D Moseley, W Bro GE Austin gave the Traditional History and presented and explained the Third Degree Working Tools.  The following is quoted from the Minutes: ‘At the WM’s request the following is added to the Minutes, “Although W Bro GE Austin has given the Traditional History literally countless times, he has never done it, perhaps, as well as on this occasion.  He has just celebrated his 84th birthday and he gave the ritual in a quite remarkable manner highly appropriate to his life-long knowledge of the Craft.”‘

December 2nd 1982

At the Installation of Bro PE Horne, W Bro ABT Vero PAGDC proposed that W Bro GE Austin PAGStB be elected an Honorary Member of the Lodge, W Bro Vero spoke of W Bro Austin’s long and dedicated service to the Lodge.  He was initiated in 1927, was WM in 1937 and from 1941 until this meeting he faithfully fulfilled the duties of Secretary.  He was appointed to Grand Lodge Rank in 1964, the first member of this Lodge to be so appointed.  The proposition was suitably seconded by W Bro E Corner and carried unanimously.

March 1st 1984

This meeting was attended by W Bro TW White PSGD, Asst PGM.

After the Lodge was opened, the Tyler reported that the Right Worshipful Master of St Albans of 1765 requested admission.  There then followed a demonstration of the Ceremony of Initiation as practised in 1765 by nine members of the demonstration team of the Sutton Coldfield Study Circle.  At the end of an excellent, indeed unforgettable demonstration, the team was warmly thanked by the WM, W Bro VA Walton.

The evening continued with a candle-lit Old English Supper.  The number of Brethren present was greater than at any Lodge meeting since the Centenary in 1970.

January 2nd 1986

The WM, W Bro JC Nixon, invested Bro CE Jenkins as Chief Steward.  This was the 25th year that he had served the Lodge in this office.

April 3rd 1986

The Lodge was saddened by news of the death of W Bro DO Vero, DC of the Lodge.  W Bro ABT Vero gave a eulogy on W Bro DO Vero.

February 5th 1987

The WM, W Bro RW Taylor referred to the sad loss sustained by Freemasonry in general and Athelstan Lodge in particular by the death of the Lodge’s Honorary Member, W Bro GE Austin.  W Bro ABT Vero spoke of W Bro Austin’s achievements in life and his services to Masonry.  W Bro JD Austin then told the Lodge of his father’s and his intention to present a WM’s collar to the Lodge and confirmed that this presentation would take place later in the year.

December 4th 1987

The Installation meeting was held on Friday 4th December.  The Lodge had been requested by the Province to change the meeting from Thursday owing to the visit on that day to the Province by the Grand Master, the Most W Bro, HRH the Duke of Kent.

W Bro JD Austin presented to the Lodge a Master’s collar inscribed with the names of all Past Masters of the Lodge.  This gift was in memory of his father W Bro GE Austin PAGStB who was initiated into the Lodge in 1927, became WM in 1937 and was Secretary from 1941 until 1982.  W Bro JD Austin was thanked for the gift on behalf of the Lodge by the WM, W Bro RW Taylor.

January 7th 1988

The 1000th Meeting of the Lodge.

The Lodge was honoured with the presence of W Bro JE Marston PSGD, Asst Prov GM.

The Secretary read the minutes of the Consecration meeting held on 18th November, 1870.  W Bro JD Austin then gave a brief historical résumé of the Lodge with particular reference to the Centenary of 1970.

The candidate for Initiation was Mr Christopher Nigel Cross, the son of the WM, W Bro CD Cross.  The WM carried out the ceremony in its entirety.

The Asst Prov GM welcomed Bro Cross into Masonry.

April 6th 1989

W Bro ABT Vero PAGDC, PProvGW, was elected an Honorary Member of the Lodge.

At the following meeting a letter was read from Mrs Vero recording her husband’s appreciation of the honour bestowed upon him by the Lodge.

February 1st 1990

The Lodge was honoured by the presence of W Bro GW Hadley, PSGD, Asst Prov GM.

The Minute Book reads, ‘The Almoner informed the Brethren of two letters of appreciation from two widows of deceased Brethren.  The writer of these Minutes feels obliged to record that, whereas the Almoner of a Lodge has duties often of a sensitive and compassionate nature, W Bro Beighton truly represents our Lodge in this capacity with diligence and compassion.  This fact was acknowledged by the WM’.

March 1st 1990

The Chairman of the Lodge Social Committee presented to the WM, W Bro CEA Parnell three candlesticks made by Bro T Allcot of Ethelfleda Lodge and modified by W Bro SF Lunn.

April 5th 1990

The Charity Steward, W Bro CC Coates, gave a report on the 1990 Festival Dinner on 21st March.

This Lodge had achieved a total of £19,645.00.  This exceeded our target by nearly £5,000 and was the fourth highest total in a Province of 187 Lodges.

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