1991 – 2000

February 6th 1992

The Almoner, W Bro R Beighton reported that he had been in contact with Bro J Davies who had been a member of this Lodge for fifty years.  He was now 90 and in reasonable health.

March 5th 1992

It was agreed to send a donation of £25.00 towards a retirement gift for RW Bro Rt Revd Vernon S Nicholls, PGM.

A letter was read from W Bro JD Austin saying that he wished to present to the Lodge a 275th Anniversary jewel to be worn by the WM This presentation took place at the October Lodge.  The WM, W Bro RA Wilson thanked W Bro Austin for his gift.

February 4th 1993

The death was reported of a well-loved and respected Past Master of the Lodge, W Bro J Coley.  He was WM in the Lodge’s Centenary year 1970.

November 4th 1993

The Brethren were entertained and instructed by a demonstration by the Sutton Coldfield Study Circle whose members worked an Initiation Ceremony of 1765.  They were dressed in the costume of the period.

The WM, W Bro TH Braund thanked all the members of the group most sincerely.

The WM congratulated W Bro JD Austin on completing 40 years in Masonry.  He was initiated at the November, 1953 Lodge.

April 7th 1994

The WM, W Bro R Haines drew the attention of the Brethren to the new surround for the Treasurer and Secretary’s table.  He thanked W Bro THM Stafford for his generosity in donating it to the Lodge.  The WM also asked that the thanks of the Brethren be conveyed to the seamstress, Mrs Carpenter.

October 6th 1994

The death was announced of W Bro SF Lunn, PPJGW, a Past Master of Maney Lodge No 7630, and Secretary of Athelstan Lodge from 1985 to 1990.

December 1st 1994

On Thursday, December 1st, 1994 Bro FA Salt was installed as the one hundred and twenty-fifth Master of Athelstan Lodge.  The representative of Provincial Grand Lodge was W Bro WS Ellson, PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

May 11th 1995

The meeting was honoured by the presence of the WM and members of Trinity Lodge No 254, our ‘grandmother’ Lodge.

October 5th 1995

On behalf of the Lodge the WM, W Bro FA Salt accepted new cushions for the VSL and for the Candidate’s Apron and the Working Tools, which had been paid for out of Lodge funds.

During the summer recess the VSL, which had become badly split after 125 years use, was repaired by a local bookbinder and a double slip case was made to protect it between Meetings.  The WM very generously paid for this work, for which he was thanked.

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