Athelstan Lodge forges links with local Scout Group

Scouts LogoFollowing a donation made by the United Grand Lodge of England to assist in the re-creation of the Atherstone (Lockley) Cub Scout Pack, a relationship between 1st Atherstone Scout Group and The Athelstan Lodge 1333 has been formed.

Initially, officers of Athelstan Lodge visited the newly formed Cub Pack and were highly impressed with the activities that the Cubs were completing and the dedication shown by the leaders.

In return, the Scout group visited the Masonic Lodge Rooms in Atherstone and a presentation was given by Bro Richard Smith identifying the key similarities between Scouting and Freemasonry.

Richard commented: “It was a bit of a challenge to give a presentation with such an age range of people, but the Cubs and the Scouts asked a lot of questions about the room and Freemasonry in general.”

Athelstan Lodge is pleased that a relationship now exists  with Atherstone Scouts and looks forward to providing  continuing support in the future.

Posted 11 January 2012

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