May 6th 1971

The death of W Bro J Fox was recorded.  He was a joining member in 1951 having served as WM of Apollo Lodge, No 301, in Alcester.  He was WM of this Lodge in 1962 and served as Treasurer from 1960 to 1969.

Also at this meeting Bro E Jarvis of Etone Lodge presented two silver Alms Bowls to the Lodge.  They were fitted with velvet centres embroidered by Mrs AE Plummer.

December 7th 1972

After the Installation of W Bro JA Wainwright, the Secretary drew the attention of the Brethren to the Warrants which the Asst Secretary (W Bro JD Austin) had had framed, and mentioned that the proposition to frame the original Warrant was approved in 1882.

January 4th 1973

Bro E Jarvis presented six silver goblets to the Lodge for use in the supper room by the six principal Officers vis Chaplain, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Ceremonies, Almoner and Organist This was the fourth such gift to the Lodge by Bro Jarvis.

April 5th 1973

After the Minutes of the previous meeting had been read, the Asst Secretary read the Minutes of the meeting of 5th April 1923, at which W Bro AH Sale was initiated.  He was subsequently WM in 1934.

W Bro Sale was present, and to mark the 50th anniversary of his initiation the WM, W Bro JA Wainwright, presented him with a jewel.

The Minutes continue thus: W Bro Sale’s links with the past and the present should be recorded.  At his Initiation Bro Samuel Blower, the first Tyler of the Lodge, appointed in 1871, was still Tyler.  At his Installation he appointed four of our present Brethren as his Officers, ie.  W Bro F Wilkinson, SW, W Bro GE Austin, SD, W Bro J Briggs JD, and W Bro CB Collins IG.  During his year as Master he initiated three of our present members, ie, W Bros HD Austin and BV Brown and Bro Reg Beck.

W Bro Sale then suitably thanked the WM and the Brethren.

October 4th 1973

The WM, W Bro JA Wainwright spoke of the sad loss suffered by the death of the Lodge’s oldest Past Master, W Bro AH Sale.

W Bro GE Austin who had been associated in Masonry with W Bro Sale for 47 years spoke of W Bro Sale’s commitment to Masonry and Athelstan Lodge.

December 6th 1973

The death was announced of W Bro John Briggs.  He was initiated into the Lodge in 1928, became Master in 1938 and DC in 1948 in which office he served the Lodge until his death.

April 4th 1974

The WM, W Bro F Aspden spoke of the sad loss suffered by the Lodge by the death of W Bro BV Brown.  He was initiated into this Lodge in 1934, was WM in 1950 and held the office of Asst DC for some years until 1965.

W Bro GE Austin also paid tribute to W Bro Brown whom he had known for 53 years.  W Bro Austin said, “He will long be remembered for his tall upright bearing, his fine tenor voice, his honest and kindly approach to all whom he knew and above all for his gentlemanly approach to life.”.

May 2nd 1974

The WM, W Bro F Aspden, congratulated W Bro F Wilkinson on the 50th anniversary of his initiation (in May, 1924).  He became WM in 1935.  Of the present members of the Lodge, he appointed W Bro GE Austin his JW and W Bro CB Collins his IG.  During his year he raised W Bro HD Austin and Bro CR Beck and initiated Bro AK Austin.  W Bro Wilkinson was presented with a commemorative tankard at the following meeting.

May 1st 1975

900th Meeting.

The Asst Secretary read the Minutes of the first regular meeting of Athelstan Lodge held on 2nd December 1870.

At this meeting there were present fifty members and sixty visitors including seven reigning masters.

October 6th 1977

This being a Past Masters’ evening, the WM, W Bro AE Plummer, asked W Bro F Wilkinson, the Lodge’s oldest Past Master, ninety years of age, to open the Lodge.

The WM, W Bro AE Plummer had the sad task of informing the Brethren of the deaths of four members of the Lodge, ie, W Bro CB Collins, Bro I Coates, Bro F Seaton and W Bro W Endersby.

W Bro GE Austin spoke about W Bro CB Collins, of his being initiated into the Lodge in 1929 and Installed as WM in 1940.  He also spoke of his musical service to Atherstone and to this Lodge.  He had been appointed Organist of the Lodge in 1941 and later appointed Prov G Organist.

It was agreed that a sum of £50.00 be donated to the CB Collins Bursary Fund.

November 3rd 1977

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his Initiation, W Bro GE Austin PGStB, was presented with an inscribed jewel by the WM, W Bro AE Plummer.  The Asst Secretary, W Bro JD Austin, read the appropriate extract from the Minutes of fifty years ago.  The WM referred to W Bro GE Austin’s long and faithful service to Freemasonry in general and to this the Athelstan Lodge in particular, especially for his 36 years as Secretary.  The WM recalled that he was the first member of this Lodge to receive Grand Lodge Honours (in 1964).

W Bro GE Austin suitably thanked the WM and the Brethren.

October 5th 1978

The Secretary, W Bro GE Austin, referred to the death of the Revd Michael Clarke, Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire from 1951 to 1963.  During that time he attended Athelstan Lodge on two occasions, once to an Installation and also to an ordinary meeting – Bro JD Austin’s Third Degree ceremony at which he gave the Traditional History.

October 4th 1979

The WM, W Bro R Read, referred to the sad loss suffered by the Province by the death on 2nd September of Sir Stanley J Harley, Provincial Grand Master.  W Bro ABT Vero paid tribute to Sir Stanley who had been PGM since 1965 and had done so much for Freemasonry in Warwickshire.

November 1st 1979

The WM, W Bro R Read referred to the sad loss sustained by the Lodge by the death of W Bro FC Marriott.  W Bro Marriott was initiated into Bowyer Lodge No 1036 in the Province of Gloucestershire and became a Joining Member of Athelstan Lodge in 1942.  He was WM in 1958 and was appointed Almoner in 1963, which Office he held for the rest of his life.  In 1965 he was appointed Junior Warden of the Province and in 1968 he was honoured with the Grand Lodge rank of PAGDC.

W Bro JD Austin then gave a lecture entitled Freemasonry and the 18th Century.

W Bro Austin, in the course of his lecture, pointed out particularly that the coffee houses of the period were shown to be the grass-roots of speculative masonry.  He also referred to the formation of the Province of Warwickshire in 1728.  He was sincerely thanked by the WM, W Bro R Read.

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