Director of Ceremonies

The Director of Ceremonies (DC) is a somewhat independent Officer in any Lodge.  Whilst always under the direction of the Master, he controls the way the ceremonies are carried out.

The DC begins his duties almost as soon as he enters the Lodge.   He is responsible for making sure that the Lodge room is set out properly and that all the columns, ashlars, working tools, and tracing boards, etc, are in their correct positions.   He will then inquire if all the brethren who are performing in the ceremony are present and, if not, arranges for a temporary replacement.

The DC arranges an escort for the Master and the principal Officers for their entry into the Lodge.

After the Lodge has been opened, the DC gives the relevant greetings to VIPs and other senior brethren.

During the ceremony, the DC is responsible for prompting the brethren who are performing the ritual to steer them back on course should anything go awry.

At the closing of the Lodge, the DC organises the outgoing procession, making sure that the brethren leave the Lodge in the proper order.

In short, no detail is too small to escape the attention of the DC, for it is attention to detail that makes for the smooth working and running of the Lodge.

His job doesn’t end when the meeting ends, because at the Festive Board (the meal after the meeting), the DC is responsible for the correct seating of the brethren on the Top Table and the announcement of appropriate toasts, etc.

The Assistant Director of Ceremonies’ job is similar in nature, and he aids the DC as necessary.