1911 – 1920

March 5th 1913 W Bro Fielders WM presented a new scroll bearing names of Masters for each year. October 1st 1913 Having completed 46 years as Tyler, Bro Blower was appointed PPG Tyler at Provincial Grand Lodge.  The news of this was received by the Members in Lodge with great enthusiasm and it was agreed to ask the Members to subscribe and present Bro Blower with Provincial Grand Lodge Clothing.  The presentation was on November 5th 1913 and the WM referred to Bro Blower as being “highly esteemed for his long and faithful service.” As there was a surplus on the collection for his regalia it was agreed to purchase a jewel for him from the Lodge. April 1st 1914 The regard the Members of the Lodge had for the Vero family is shown by the fact that on the more >>

1901 – 1910

June 5th 1901 A vote of thanks was given to Bro Evans for his gift of ‘G’ to the Lodge. October 2nd 1901 W Bro R Fielders WM gave a talk on his attendance at Grand Lodge on the Installation of His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught as Grand Master. February 5th 1902 There was an application from Bro S Blower, Tyler for an increase in pay “owing to additional work”.  His salary was subsequently increased from 30/- to 45/- per annum. April 2nd 1902 The annual subscription to the Warwickshire Benevolent and Pupils Aid Fund was increased from £3.10.0 to £5. October 1st 1902 W Bros Fielders and Mears reported attending Provincial Grand Lodge at Sutton Coldfield on the 29th September 1902, where the address to Lord Leigh, Provincial Grand Master, on the occasion of his Jubilee as more >>

1891 – 1900

May 6th 1891 £10.10.0 was voted to be sent to the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls and W Bro Allen PM was elected Steward for the Girls Anniversary. November 4th 1891 A letter was read in Lodge from Mrs Orme (widow of the late Past Master) thanking the Members for help in the election of her daughter to the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls. December 7th 1892 It was proposed that steps be taken to remedy the cold draughts in the Lodge Rooms. March 1st 1893 It was proposed that a letter was sent to Mrs Mellor from whom the Lodge Room was rented, and urge upon her the necessity of having the gas supply pipes put into a proper state of repair, and to remedy the draughty state of the room. April 13th 1893 A letter from Mrs Mellor more >>

1881 – 1890

March 4th 1881 A new Bye-law for removing ‘obnoxious’ Brethren from membership was suggested but later abandoned on Provincial Grand Lodge’s advice. May 5th 1882 PM Mears reported to the Brethren the details of the Baxterley Colliery disaster.  The WM Bro Frank Pogmore, was seriously injured whilst assisting his father in the rescue attempt made by Sir William Dugdale and others.  The WM died of his injuries a few days later and at an Emergency Meeting held on May 10th 1882, it was agreed to send a letter of condolence to Mrs Pogmore on the death of her husband.  £5 was voted by the Brethren to the Baxterley Colliery Relief Fund. December 1st 1882 It was resolved that henceforth Meetings would be on the first Wednesday and not the first Friday in each month. March 7th 1883 The Almoner’s Fund more >>

1870 – 1880

December 2nd 1870 First Regular Meeting.  The first Initiation was that of Bro F Coales.  He and Mr Charles Vero had been proposed at the Consecration Meeting but Mr Vero was unable to attend on December 2nd owing to having been injured in a collision on the North Western Railway.  He was not well enough to attend until March 3rd when he was Initiated. January 6th 1871 Initiation of Bro Samuel Blower.  On being Raised on March 3rd, he was appointed Tyler, the office he held until 1929. June 2nd 1871 The following cryptic entry is quoted in full: “A correspondent between the WM and the Secretary was read in which the former excused himself from attending this Meeting providing his absence on this occasion was not thought detrimental to the interests of the Lodge, and suggesting an excursion into more >>